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Plastic Air

Laura Lara

On a walk to the sea, I found this metal fence covered with bags that caught my attention.

Plastic Air is a video that exposes the daily consumption of plastic. Unlike in Germany, in Colombia the use of plastic bags is still a very common practice.

Air is an indispensable element of life that we take for granted and are not constantly thinking about. It is most often associated with purity and life.

In my personal opinion air also plays an important role in reminding us humans about environmental contamination. There are certain days when you go outside and the air is so polluted that it is a wake up call, or in the specific case of this video seeing so many garbage bags creating a barrier, it also reminds us about the role plastic plays in polluting the environment.

At the same time, plastic degrades into small pieces and what remains as a residue is known as microplastics, some of which is found in the air we breathe.